Rent of bed

Most of the European hotels choose the textile rent service and they remain the leaders in the hotel business.

Renting of the textile means that the quality and the condition of textile remain very high if we compare it to the situation, when you handle it yourself or take the service of the off-site laundry. Bed clothing rent includes service and textile quality assurance.

Standard bed clothing set

Materials:sateen, heavy muslin, polycotton
The bed clothing doesn’t bear the brand name and any marking.
An individual series of clothing is bought for each customer.
The cloth from the largest textile provider
Price:from 30 rubles per kilogram (price for the service in Moscow)
Materials:any material
Color:any color
Any brand names and markings are available.

You can choose the textile provider. We can offer you our partners or we can buy the textile stuff from the other major providers that produce the textile stuff for the various types of hotels.

Price:is calculated individually for each customer and it depends on conditions and specifications.

We can buy the necessary stuff from your provider and then form your individual clothing series and lease it out to you making the constant change of the dirty stuff to the clean one.

We have a successful experience of working with the large hotel networks:

  • Hotel network «VASH OTEL»;
  • «Rosatom» hotels in the city of Obninsk;
  • «Park Inn» and «Tulip Inn» hotels in Krasnaya Polyana in the city of Sochi;
  • Other network hotels.

Save the time, the room, the staff and the capital!
Concentrate on your business and we will take care of the other things!