Rent of bed

What does it mean – to rent textile products?

The rent of textile products is a provision with the textile stuff, including regular change of the dirty cloth to the clean one. Buying, laundry, warehousing and the delivery – if necessary – are the responsibility of the textile service operator. And you have a lot of time and opportunities to concentrate on your business and do not pay attention to the non-core business.

By choosing the rent of textile products you save a certain amount of money and a lot of benefits:

  • You do not have costs for the equipment purchase and its renewing;
  • You do not pay attention to the non-core business;
  • You get an additional benefit of warehousing;
  • You can empty the room for the alternative use;
  • You are free from staff problems and special checks;
  • You do not need to invest money in the equipment and materials for laundering;
  • You receive a high-quality service, because you trust to the specialists.

How do we work?

On the base of rent, the «Cotton Way» company offers you to equip your office with the bed clothing made of various materials, loop towels and bathrobes:


  • ed clothing for the hotels (sateen, heavy muslin, polycotton)
  • Bed clothing for the medical centers and surgical whites and sheets
  • Loop towels and bathrobes produced by many Russian and Western manufacturers