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Service mates have polyamide napped fabric with the material texture of 650 gr/m2, they have antistatic effect and the laundry washing is recommended.
BASE: studded rubber.

You can order the rent of the rugs of the various colors and gradation. Besides the represented variants we can offer you any other color that meets your requirements (individual colors are available).

The rent of the off-standard size rugs is also available.
Maximum length – 6 m,
maximum width – 1,5 m.

We offer new mudguard rugs from the English company «Milliken» - the leader of this industry. The new series Milliken WOM Plus with the nylon 6.6 napped fabric is notable for the elitism of form and better mud and moisture absorbing properties. The mudguard rugs of this series are fitted with the studded rubber base that prevents sliding. As a result of using the light-fast dyes, the Milliken mudguard rugs are not decolorized under the sunrays and have a good form during their service life period.

The mudguard carpets with the napped fabric or carpet rolls on the rubber base from «Milliken» company do not only protect your office or salesroom, but also decorate it.