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We can offer you to rent the mates with your logotype, emblem or symbol or any other picture, of an appropriate color and with the appropriate text. It will be a perfect rug at the entrance of the room that needs to be protected.This is a brilliant opportunity to stand out and make your institute recognizable.

Our service

What are the advantages of renting the mudguard rugs?

  • Modern Milliken mudguard coverages (England);
  • The elite series of the Milliken mudguard coverages WOM Plus with improved characteristics;
  • Attractive renting price;
  • Modern and high-quality European service;
  • Every time you get the clean coverage that for 100% ready to fight the pollution;
  • You do not need to choose, purchase, store, transport and clean the rugs and also consider the additional stuff – we will do everything for you.
  • You need to pay the fair market price only for the changing of the stuff.