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It is known, that up to 80% of pollution spreads around the room on the shoes of visitors. If the mud protection is not very good, the pollution is accumulated and spread around the office. It can spoil the interior. The sand damages even the strongest flooring. The dust resettles on the walls, ceilings and furniture.

This leads to the expensive renovation. The dirt and bacteria penetrate into the employees’ lungs and it increases the frequency of illnesses, discourages productivity and leads to the increase of sick lists payments. Moreover, there is always a risk to slip down on the dirty wet floor. It causes the customers’ discontent and even to the legal actions.

It is proved, that these problems can be solved by the modern mudguard rugs or mudguard mates. If they are used correctly, the mudguard rugs absorb up to the 70–80% of the outdoor pollution. 1 m2 of the Milliken mudguard coverage can absorb up to the 3 kilograms of mud and 5-6 liters of water. However, the experts say that the wet and dry vacuum cleaning can remove no more than 10% of the accumulated pollution. This makes the cleaners’ work very expensive and non-effective.

If you choose the service of changeable mudguard mates from the «Cotton Way» company you can solve all this problems. We place the modern high-quality mudguard rugs in your office and change them to the clean ones according to the confirmed plan and season and your requirements.

The mudguard rugs rent will save your time and money!