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The vast majority of European hotels use laundry rent service. They are rightly the leaders in the hospitality industry.

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  • Modern Milliken mudguard coverages (England);
  • The elite series of the Milliken mudguard coverages WOM Plus with improved characteristics;
  • Attractive renting price;
  • Modern and high-quality European service.


  • Every time you get the clean coverage that for 100% ready to fight the pollution;
  • You do not need to choose, purchase, store, transport and clean the rugs and also consider the additional stuff – we will do everything for you.
  • You need to pay the fair market price only for the changing of the stuff.

Standard mudguard rugs:

We offer new mudguard rugs from the English company «Milliken» – the leader of this industry. The new series Milliken WOM Plus with the nylon 6.6 napped fabric is notable for the elitism of form and better mud and moisture absorbing properties.

We offer mudguard rugs in various sizes and in different colors.

Service mates have polyamide napped fabric with the material texture of 650 gr/m2, they have antistatic effect and the laundry washing is recommended.
Base: studded rubber.

You can order the rent of the rugs of the various colors
and gradation.
The rent of the off-standard size rugs is also available.*
Maximum length – 6 m, maximum width – 1,5 m.

Logotype mates:

Besides the represented variants we can offer you any other color that meets your requirements (individual colors are available).It is also possible to produce non-standart size mats.