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The advantages of the rent

Simple idea – significant advantages:

  • You save the money for the purchasing of standard materials and for the investments that make your business unique!
  • You have more square meters for business, not for service, because the laundry needs a special room with the compound engineering structures;
  • You do not need to spend money on the organizational and administrative questions and on the clothing storage and logistics.
  • Simple and clear costs structure will decrease your constant expenses, because the rent price is fixed and you pay only for the used clothing.
  • You have fewer reasons for the contact with the State inspections and you do not need to worry about the environmental safety of the sinks and of the observation of sanitary regulations in the laundry.  

Individual advantage for the certain type of business

We can buy the necessary stuff from your provider and then form your individual clothing series and lease it out to you making the constant change of the dirty stuff to the clean one.