Business Forum «Strategic Partnership 1520»

VII International Railway Business Forum «Strategic Partnership 1520» ended at the 1st of June in Sochi. The main topics of discussion were the issue of creating a common transport market within the Common Economic Space and the CIS and improvement of the industry in the context of Russia's accession to the WTO, also the introduction of modern technologies in railway transport, promotion of private investment activity, the adaptation of the world experience

There were over a thousand delegates from more than 30 countries, among whom were representatives of a number of railway administrations and major producers and political figures, including the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Economic Development and the Federal Service for tariffs, also the European Union delegation. They took part in discussion and problem solving that was an evidence of the interest of political and economic elite of Europe in problems in railway industry.

«Cotton Way» traditionally took part in this event. As a part of round table named «Passenger transportation: recipes of management and increase profitability», Yevgeny Glinin – Deputy General Manager of the company raised the issue of feasibility and cost effectiveness of outsourcing non-core services on the railway transport. In support of this thesis he gave an example of successful cooperation of LLC «Cotton Way» and JSC «Federal Passenger Company» in terms of equipping the trains with necessary textiles. The result of this collaboration is improving of passenger comfort and decrease of non-core costs of JSC «FPC». Moreover, providing with a full range of services from buying and processing the stuff to equipment trains, «Cotton Way» allows employees of «Russian Railways» to concentrate on the quality of passenger service.

The company has demonstrated the results of its operation by means of high-tech stand, which clearly presented the process of modernization textiles, that based on continuous improvement of standards of equipment made only of materials which are up-to-date, durable, hypoallergenic, safe and comfortable for passengers also it produced in the style of «Russian Railway». All of this has positive effect on the quality of service provided for passengers and the development of the industry as a whole.

Besides, presented a complete cycle of works provided for JSC "FPC", including the efficient logistics of the property directly to the train, as well as the process by which achieves a high level of quality linen provided, by showing the processing chain, which passes each product in the industrial laundry «Cotton Way».

Lots of members of forum including the Vice-President of «Russian Railways» - Director Manager of «Federal Passenger Company» M.P. Akulov, professionals from related industries and foreign participants were interested in exposition

The Business Forum is an efficient platform for consolidation the efforts of key players in the railway industry, which allows defining and discussing different ways of its development, covering all segment and finding the optimal solution.