Company Cotton Way improves comfort for patients at two leading hospitals in the Republic of Tatarstan

Administration of the Republic was presented the first results of the unique project for Russia on offering of bed-clothes and overalls for hospitals for lease.

Today, President of the Republic of Tatarstan, R.N.Minnihanov, was presented the first results of the unique project for Russia on lease of linen and overalls implemented on the basis of the Republican Clinical Hospital (RCH) and Children's Republican Clinical Hospital (ChRCH). Minister of Economic Affairs, Midhat Shagiahmetov, also took part in this event.


The project of Cotton Way Company, starting in April, 2012, with support of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, urged to support the region program on introduction of modern world standards of social services to the population. The project was implemented with active assistance of the Ministry of Economics and Ministry of Health of Tatarstan.

During implementation of the project, Cotton Way Company equipped both republican hospitals with high-quality modern sleeping gears and overalls according to the European standard, as well as ensured sanitary safety of textiles at the expense of application of ultramodern industrial technologies of its handling.


New bed-clothes, and also pillows, blankets, and mattresses, warrant comfort to patients during their stay in medical institutions. Provision of RCH and ChRCH with the advanced samples of surgical and medical overalls allowed reaching higher convenience and safety for the personnel of such hospitals. Special attention should be paid to use of hi-tech membrane materials under production of surgical suits, which ensure protection and comfort of doctors in the course of operations.


Implementation of the project of lease of textiles in RCH and ChRCH allowed hospitals to outsource non-core fields of activity, and so, to raise cost efficiency of medical institutions.

Cotton Way Company plans to continue further use of its positive experience received as a result of the project and to implement system of lease of textiles in a number of other medical institutions of the region.