Our business partners

The joint stock company «RZD» is the  largest railway company (is one of the three leaders) in the world and has an enormous amount of cargo and passenger traffic. This company has high financial rating, qualified specialists in different fields of the railway transports. Also it has the great technology base, business capacity and the significant international cooperation experience. There are long-term manufacturing unit rental contracts between the JSC «RZD» and LLC «Master Cleaning» in the largest cities of Russia.
Christeyns provides high-quality hygiene chemicals, combining high effectiveness and eco-friendliness with an unparalleled service. Offering the best possible quality to customers is basic goal — a common goal. Company always reacts on new trends, develops customized products, improves quality, speeds up delivery time, performs an audit and provides a specific training. All services are carried out by highly-qualified specialists.
LOKO-Bank provides a wide range of high-quality banking services on the base of high technologies to the small and medium enterprises and to the private persons with the high income rate.
Ariel Professional System (Procter&Gamble) is a professional decision for the laundries. It provides the first-class laundry and takes into account the client’s specifications. It is a provider of a complex detergent system and laundry boosters.
KANNEGIESSER Company is famous in any place of the world where the cloth is proceeded by machine. It was established in 1948. The high volume production capability and the reliable performance of the equipment are provided by the up-to-date technologies.
The «Koblenz & Partner» company realizes the supply of a high-quality German and Belgian equipment for the laundries and dry-cleaners and offers complex decisions to build new and modernize working enterprises.
The Jensen company is a manufacturer of high-technology equipment for laundries and dry-cleaners.
CINET Professional Textile Care is a head company which unites national textile corporations, scientific-research institutes, technical centers and laundry and dry-cleaner networks all over the world.