Company’s mission

Top position in the industry of convenience
We develop the national textile handling industry extensively to give the opportunity to our compatriots to get modern services at the world’s high-standard rate. We increase our representatives in the Russian regions and the near-abroad countries. Our main aim is to become the biggest company which provides conveniences and well-being to people.

Business efficiency assistance
We provide for the state, municipal and profit-making organizations which use textile products in their business with the whole stuff hire technology cycle.  Companies can concentrate on their business while we care of the details.

Innovation and safety
We use the up-to-date technologies, scientific research results and the leading global experience in developing innovative services. We use different opportunities to protect the environment and conserve the energy. We also organize safe and comfort working conditions for our staff.

Social role and partnership
We incite the development of complementary industries by buying of the textile products and providing the innovative decisions. Our business provides with different working positions so our social role is to support the employment and professional training of the Russian specialists in new industry.

Our main value is the staff
Taking into account, that people determine the long-term business’ success we organize the team of the experts and support singleness and self-tuition. We create the unique corporate culture, which is based on the honest, confidential relations and the team-work.